Hardware, software and orgware

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In North West Europe railinfrastructural projects play a dominant role in spatial planning. In planning the HST-network in new raillinks (the hardware), the use of this infrastructure, the software, and the organisation of the mobility (orgware) are the three themes that determine the effect of infrastructure. Instead of the continuous demand for hardware solutions, it is better to start at the orgware. In organising mobility it is possible to make effective governance and use of space and infrastructure. Finally, hardware operations are only planned additional to the improvements in software and orgware. Another example of this is the Betuwe Line project, where a new concept of the line organisation (network) is proposed. In the Berlin Line the only focus was mainly on the improvement of software and orgware, rather than hardware.

Hardware = in spatial terms the word is commonly used to describe physical infrastructure, but actually it is meant as the whole physical, built and grown environment, including houses, offices, trees and bodies.

Software = the programmed use of hardware. In an urban context the use is the actual movements and occupation of the physical space (hardware) by people, goods and information. The control of the software is done through orgware.

Orgware = term to focus on the process of politics and organisations next to the physical structures (hardware) and the use of it (software) 

Urban Unlimited, Office for Network Urbanism, http://www.urbanunlimited.nl/

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